Executive Committee 2021-2022

Daniel Lee

Hi, my name is Daniel Lee and I’m a doctoral student at the University of Toronto. I took up the position of chair in hopes to diversify our section and increase our network with industry! Aside from my passion for chemistry, I like reading self-development books, studying finance, math, and computer gaming.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-lee-2b5805138/

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Jennifer Huynh

Jennifer graduated with an MSc. in Molecular Science from Ryerson University where she studied the redox stability of BODIPY-donor dyads for use in light-harvesting applications.

As vice-chair, Jennifer hopes to help the section organize events to support your career journey. Jennifer is currently tutoring and seeking a full-time role in QC/QA or learning & development.

Jennifer enjoys playing board games, trying new restaurants, and watching movies.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennhuynh7/

Roy Jang

Pramya Kanesamoorthy

Pramya obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and now continuing her passion in science at Durham College, enrolled in the Biotechnology program. She hopes to help CICTor by connecting with members of the chemical community and take part in their events.

In her spare time, you can find her trying new places to eat, binge-watch sitcoms, and taking long drives with an iced coffee/bubble tea by her side.   

Quang Nguyen
Communications Officer

Emily Fung
Communications Officer

Emily is from Vancouver, BC, and started her path in chemistry at the University of British Columbia for her BSc. She then went on to complete her MSc at the University of Toronto studying Ni-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions and is currently working as a synthetic organic chemist at Toronto Research Chemicals.

As a communications officer, Emily hopes to broaden the reach of the CIC Toronto local section and take advantage of the online space, especially during COVID, to bring CIC’s events to a wider audience and support the career growth of fellow young chemists.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys running, watching Netflix shows, and doing arts and crafts.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-y-fung/

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Sherabo Karen N Naava
Communications Officer

Maninder Kaur
Public Outreach Coordinator

Kelsy Yuan
Public Outreach Coordinator

Kelsy is a second year PhD student at the University of Toronto. Currently, she is working on synthesizing the phospholipid-encapsulated silver nanoparticles and studying the conformations of membrane-bound proteins by using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. This work will be beneficial to the diagnostics of diseases.

As a public outreach coordinator at CIC Toronto section this year, she would like to work on the CICTor Café to come up with new events, and to get more people involved in our events.

Outside the lab, Kelsy enjoys playing video games, going to the gym, and trying out new restaurants.

Susannah Tran
Public Outreach Coordinator

Mariya Kalinina
Academic Liaison

Yuju Kim
Academic Liaison

Yuju is a 2nd year PhD student in the Kluger lab at the University of Toronto. Currently, her research focuses on site-specific protein modifications and bioorthogonal chemistry, to be applied towards hemoglobin-based blood substitutes.

As the academic liaison for the CIC Toronto section this year, she hopes to build strong connections between student groups in schools all around the Toronto area!

Her (post-covid) free time consists mainly of Netflix, and more recently, crocheting.

Alexander Sever
Academic Liaison

Alex is a 1st Year Chemistry PhD student at the University of Toronto and is one of your
academic liaisons for the 2021/22 year.

His research revolves around using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study the structure and dynamics of supramolecular protein complexes. Specifically, protein complexes that could act as novel drug targets are of considerable interest.

When he isn’t doing experiments in the lab Alex enjoys skiing, playing soccer, and
eating copious amounts of sushi. He is also a fan of the many craft breweries and coffee shops the city has to offer. While this is his first year on the executive team at CIC Toronto Chapter, he hopes to bring experience from prior university Chemistry Club executive positions. This past year has been a little different, and Alex hopes to find new ways to bring members of the chemistry community together during these difficult times. He intends to do this through the use of dynamic online meeting platforms.

Furthermore, Alex hopes to further strengthen
relationships between the chapter and academic institutions. Feel free to connect with Alex on social media platforms! He is always happy to meet new people and hear their ideas, suggestions, and experiences.

Twitter: @AlexDoesChem
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/alexander-sever

Logan Zettle
Industrial Liaison

Trevor Janes
Industrial Liaison

Born in Vancouver, BC, Trevor carried out his first chemical synthesis in the laboratories of Langara College. After transferring to the University of British Columbia to finish his BSc, he took an interest in the reactivity of metal complexes, leading him to the University of Toronto where he made and studied metal complexes of actor ligands and spent many blissful hours at the X-Ray diffractometer characterizing his creations.

Following the completion of his PhD, Trevor was awarded postdoctoral fellowships by NSERC and the Azrieli Foundation, which supported his stay at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, where he learned computational chemistry to study the geometrically distorted boron compounds that he made.

Following a foray into nanochemistry as a Mitacs Elevate fellow at Luna Nanotech, Trevor joined Toronto Research Chemicals, where he now works as a synthetic organic chemist. In his spare time, Trevor likes to write; his work has been published in The VarsityESRA Magazine, and Chemistry World. By getting involved with CICTor, Trevor hopes to make connections with/between chemists interested in the industrial realm.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevorjanes/

Jotsaroop Kaur
Industrial Liaison

Jotsaroop is a student in the Chemical Laboratory Technician programme, enrolled at Sheridan. He has been actively engaged in the volunteer work at Sheridan with Chem Club.

Chemistry fascinates him a lot. As an Industrial liaison, he wants to be a strong bridge between the industries and CIC. He would like to build a strong network between the two by making honest endeavours. He plans to make efforts that would influence people to get more involved to achieve the motive of CIC Toronto.

Apart from this, Jotsaroop likes art and music. As well as, enjoys watching documentaries in his spare time. Jotsaroop is also a member of Nature Conservancy of Canada as it connects him with nature, beautiful creatures and our environment.  

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Samantha McWhirter
Government Liaison

Sam is a PhD student in the Walker Lab at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on investigating lipid-based nanomedicines.

She has been involved with CIC Toronto in the past and is excited for her new role as Government Liaison! As part of this role, Sam hopes to plan events that promote the connection between science and policy and to explore ways for those working in the chemical sciences can get involved.

Outside of the lab, Sam enjoys cooking, binge-watching Netflix docu-series, spending too much money on stationery and (slowly) learning foreign languages. 

Nashmia Zia
Government Liaison

Ahmed Saleh
Government Liaison

Ahmed is a first year MEng student at the University of Toronto in the department of
Chemical Engineering, he completed his BEng in chemical engineering from the UK and after that decided to move to Canada.

Ahmed is fortunate to be the new government liaison for CIC – Toronto Chapter for this year. He hopes from his position to strengthen the connection between CIC – Toronto
Chapter and the local government and explore how we can help each other for the future of chemistry and chemical engineering graduates.

He hopes to see CIC become a platform which employers and graduates refer to when trying to connect and I want to help build CIC as a credible and reliable source for excellent graduates as well as bright companies. Outside of his studies and work, Ahmed is a big
fan of mixed martial arts, gym, cooking and enjoys stock trading!

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amsasaleh/

Caroline Pao

Caroline is a PhD Candidate in Chemistry at the University of Toronto where she develops photonic Raman-based gold nanoparticle probes for the improved detection of cancer cells.

Since starting her PhD, she has been an active leader on campus, having served as Co-Director of Science Rendezvous, Chair of the Chemical Biophysics Symposium, Treasurer of the Chemistry Graduate Student Union (ChemClub), and Internal Communications Officer of the Toronto Science Policy Network. She is a strong advocate for accessible mental health support on campus and dedicates her time towards improving the working culture in academia.

Caroline is very vocal about the need for professional development training in graduate education and has created long-lasting initiatives in her own department to train students for life after graduation. She is also committed to science outreach and co-founded the Toronto District Science Fair & Education Scholarship in 2015 that provides classroom funding to elementary and high school STEM educators. 

Caroline continued these efforts through CICTor and joined with the initial goal of making science accessible to the general public, first as an Outreach Coordinator in 2018 then as Vice-Chair in 2019. Since joining, co-founded the CICTor Café – a series of informal talks around the science of everyday life aimed to promote science literacy in adults. She is excited to continue working with CICTor as an Executive-At-Large and looking forward to working with this year’s team. 

In her free time, Caroline enjoys binge-listening to podcasts, watching dog rescue videos, and exploring Toronto’s vast selection of craft beers.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-pao

Dr. John Purdy

Valerian Gomes

Valerian Gomes is a recent graduate from the Chemical Engineering Co-op program at Ryerson University. Currently, he is an  Account Operations Training Associate at BGIS. He has worked as a Process Engineer and Quality Production Supervisor in the Pulp and Paper Industry prior.

His goal for CIC is to become an industry-known organization that is reputable and rooted in the chemical industry. He’s an avid runner and bookworm.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valgeeee/