Current Executive Team

Executive Committee 2017-2018


Molly SungMolly CIC

Molly is a fourth year graduate student at the University of Toronto working on the design of N-heterocyclic based catalysts for the generation of renewable fuels. As a member of the CIC team, she led the CICTor Votes project during the 2015 federal election in an effort to open a dialogue about the important relationship between scientific research and the government. She believes that science should be accessible to the general public and would love to help CIC-Toronto become a local leader in public science education. One of her goals as vice-chair is to help promote gender equity and diversity in our scientific communities In her spare time, Molly enjoys cooking, crafting, and catching up on sleep.


James LaFortuneJames LaFortune profile
Vice Chair

James LaFortune is a third year PhD student researching inorganic main group chemistry at the University of Toronto.  Since starting graduate school, he has gotten involved in CUPE, GCI, and ChemClub in various administration and communication roles. As an Industrial Liaison Officer for the CIC Toronto, his goal is to reach out to nearby industrial chemistry companies to facilitate their involvement and networking with the CIC and its members.  When James is not in the lab, he likes to go rock climbing and tend to his garden of mostly fruit trees.



Chris Seo



Kimberly OstenDSC_6125

Kimberly recently received her doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia in the Mehrkhodavandi group focusing on the design of indium catalysts for the synthesis of biodegradable polymers. She currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto in the Song group. Her work focuses on the activation of small molecules through homogenous transition metal catalysis as well as the design and synthesis of new metal precursors for applications in atomic layer deposition. Kimberly is interested in helping the CIC Toronto section enhance communication and collaboration between academic and industrial communities by contributing to outreach and networking events, as well as contributing to outreach efforts with the general public to foster a better understanding of science and chemistry. In her spare time Kimberly enjoys reading, watching TV shows and movies and crafting.



Samantha A. M. SmithSamantha
Communications Officer, Internal Events Coordinator

Samantha is in her fourth year of the Ph.D. program at the University of Toronto, designing iron and manganese catalysts for organic transformations. Samantha strongly believes that a good relationship and good communication between science and the public is possible. This year as both Communications Officer and Events Coordinator, she would like to focus on holding public seminars on science in everyday life, as well as improve participation at our events by expanding our communications and marketing. 

Outside of her studies and volunteer work, Samantha enjoys traveling, staying active, baking/cooking, and playing music.



Jennifer Huynhjennifer-h - used for Next Gen solar
Communications Officer

Jennifer is currently enrolled in the Molecular Science, MSc. program at Ryerson University, working on synthesizing BODIPY-donor dyads and studying their redox stability for use in dye-sensitized solar cell applications. Jennifer’s outlook as a communications officer is to bridge between the CIC Toronto section executive team, academia, industry and our CIC Toronto members, you! This year, her goal on the CIC is to keep members of the CIC informed about upcoming events. In her free time, Jennifer likes to watch tv.





Mohammed Ali
Public Outreach Officer

Mohammed Ali is an upcoming 4th year Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Toronto. As a member of the executive team for CIC Toronto, he is the Public Outreach Officer. It is his prerogative to ensure that the general public is informed of the chemical industry and to inspire youth and community members to consider chemistry and the physical sciences in their career. Mohammed will be instrumental in planning and managing National Chemistry Week. In his free time, he has an interest in computer programming.



Pasha Mohammed, C. Tech.Pasha_smrp
Industrial Liaison

Pasha graduated from the 4-Years Electrical/Electronics Technology program in 1981, and the Automation & Robotic Control Specialist program from Centennial College, Toronto in 2002.

He had three decades of experience in Plant Engineering, Maintenance and Reliability overseas and in Canada in various industries including Aeronautics, Industrial Automation, Food Processing and Packaging. He currently works for Plant maintenance and Industrial Automation. Pasha works part-time as continuing education professor at Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario. At present, Pasha is SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) Ontario Chapter Chair and OACETT Toronto East Chapter College Liaison. He is also Chair of Program Advisory  committee  of Electrical Technology program at Centennial College, Toronto. Pasha is a Board member of Plant Engineering and Maintenance Magazine Editorial Advisory Board.

Pasha’s goal for this year is promoting chemistry for young students through National Chemistry Week.
Connecting members to Industry real-world experience and networking with industry professionals
and plant tours. Pasha is actively involved in National Engineering Month, and has been an event
coordinator for several years.  Pasha is an event coordinator for National Chemistry Week. He
has conducted several seminars for Internationally Trained Professionals in Toronto and
Peel Region of Ontario. Pasha is also actively involved with MPP Outreach, Corporate employer
outreach Programme. He spends his free time with family and friends watching TV.

Pasha can be reached at 416-820-1600, email:


Julia BayneJulia profile
Industrial Liaison

Julia is a fourth year PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Toronto in the Stephan group. Her research is focused on the development of Group 15 Lewis acids and frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) and their applications in metal-free catalysis and FLP chemistry. As industrial liaison with CIC, Julia hopes to develop new relationships between industry, academia and CIC members, subsequentlybridging the gap between academia and industry. In her spare time, Julia runs a CrossFit gym and enjoys leisurely reading on the beach (weather permitting).



Jolie Lam
Industrial Liaison

Jolie is a fourth year PhD student in the Stephan group at University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the development of novel boron-based Lewis acids and their applications towards frustrated Lewis pair (FLP) chemistry and metal-free catalysis. As an Industrial Liason for the CIC Toronto section, she aims to initiate conversations, build networks, and develop relationships between the industrial companies and CIC and its members. Outside of the lab, Jolie is hooked on musicals and loves to belt tunes with her choir.



Matt Gradiski
Academic Liaison

Matthew did his undergraduate degree in chemistry at York University and is currently a second year PhD student at the University of Toronto.  His work focuses on developing base metal catalysts for hydrogenations as well as other renewable and sustainable chemical applications.  Matthew is passionate about chemistry education and as an academic liaison strives to not only reinforce the importance of a quality undergraduate chemistry experience, but to help get students interested in chemistry at both the primary and secondary school level.  Matthew is a member of the University of Toronto’s Green Chemistry Initiative and provides volunteer work for outreach programs.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, guitar, and listening to metal music.




Sadaf Samadi
Academic Liaison

Sadaf graduated from Shiraz University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in pure chemistry and then moved to Canada and took up a position as a graduate student at York University working for Professor Arturo Orellana. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Science and is currently an Analytical-Quality Control chemist at Toronto Research Chemicals.




Judith C. Poë, FCIC
Academic Liaison

Judith Poë (FCIC) Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, University of Toronto, did her undergraduate studies in chemistry and her graduate work in biochemistry at Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, before joining the University of Toronto faculty. Trained as a bioinorganic chemist with interests in the mechanisms of catalysis by copper and iron containing metalloenzymes, Professor Poë’s current research and scholarly activity are in the area of chemical education focusing on web-enhanced teaching and learning, writing as a tool for learning and Problem-Based Learning.  She is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Science Education and Technology.  A U of T President’s Teaching Award recipient, she has received numerous other teaching awards including the OCUFA Teaching Award, a 3M Teaching Fellowship and the Union Carbide Award for Chemical Education.  Poë served as President of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (1999-2000) and is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Chemical Education Trust and a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada.
Poë sees the CICTor as having been renewed over the past few years and now in good, young,
capable hands. As such she sees her role as mainly advisory and, as academic liaison, to reach
out to students outside of the Toronto core and facilitate their participation in CICTor events.
In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano and listening to jazz.


NasimNasim profile Seifi
Government Liaison

Nasim is so enthusiastic and motivated in innovation and material science. She is master candidate at Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science at Ryerson University.  Also, she is an MS graduate in organic chemistry and certified medical aesthetician from British Columbia Academy. She has had many experiences in collaborating with the industry. She currently is executive director of Canadian Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CSIE). Undoubtedly, Nasim is passionate and interested in new innovations. She strongly believes that entrepreneurs would be able to introduce new technology to provide a convenient life for people. It is indispensable that making a stable bridge between scientific
research and professionals in the government and Industry has always had immense impacts
on supporting entrepreneurs and scientific researchers. Her goal is to build up a strong
connection between CIC members with professional people in the government and Industry in
order to enhance sustainable innovation and emerging technology for CIC members.


José Eloy Méndez Campos
Government Liaison

José is a second year PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Toronto working in the Nitz lab.  His research involves synthesizing and assaying various monosaccharide glucosamine derivatives for the investigation of deacetylase enzymes responsible for bacterial biofilm formation. As government liaison at CIC Toronto, José aims to further solidify ties between CIC Toronto and the government to increase science literacy among policy-makers subsequently the public. In his spare time, José enjoys kicking a soccer ball around, kicking back with a beer in hand, and kicking it old school with a board game and a Cuban cigar. 



Charlie Kivi

Charlie is a PhD candidate at U of T. His goal for the CIC is to keep the books balanced. He hopes for the CIC to increase the membership, engage more with the community and provide more networking and social opportunities for our members. In his free time, Charlie likes gaming and reading.






Peter Ozemoyah, PhDPeter O

Dr. Peter Ozemoyah has a Master’s Degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, another from the University of Ife and a PhD from the University of Benin, all in Chemical Engineering. He is PMI certified Project Manager. Peter is currently the Manager of the Process Systems Division for Tyne Engineering, an Engineering firm that designs and manufactures complex engineering systems for the Nuclear and Tritium-handling industries. Before joining Tyne Engineering, Peter had been a professor at several universities and colleges in North America and in Africa, Peter has served and is currently serving as member and as chairman of several professional, non-profit, and community Boards of Directors.
He is currently the President of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS). He is also on the
Board of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). Peter enjoys travelling.