Get Inspired for Science Learning at Pueblo Science’s March Break Camp!

PS_logoAs parent you watch your child grow a bit day by day. Coming home from school, telling you about their day, what they have learned, good things that happened, and sometimes bad things. But through it all, they learn, and grow.

And occasionally, you wonder, what will become of my child? What will my child be when they grow up? a doctor? A banker? A lawyer? A police officer? A teacher? A software developer? A baker? A chemist?

The list is endless, and it is only natural for parents to ask their child: What would you like to be when you grow up?StrangemorePHOTO-2303

But not anymore. The world is changing in front of our eyes. Traditional jobs no longer exist, new jobs are created which didn’t
exists a decade ago. And the change is happening faster and faster.

Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google, said “Don’t ask students what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problems they want to solve and what they need to learn to build the knowledge, skills and abilities to solve the problem!”

What problems are there? Plenty to choose from: Climate change, mass extinctions, water crisis, aging populations, energy shortage, and these are just the big ones. People face problems on smaller scale too, like mobility challenges, learning challenges, information accessibility challenges, and more.

So how can you help your child prepare for the future? How can you give your child the greatest potential to explore the problems they may wish to solve? SCIENCE.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are crucial subjects in today’s world. STEM education provides your child with global skills that can open up many different education and career pathways in the future. But science is not the answer. Science is the process. A journey of discovery that starts with a simple observation. Then comes guessing an explanation and testing it. If it works – GREAT. If it fails – back to the drawing board.

Give your child the opportunity to engage with both Science and Scientists and be INSPIRED!


Our Science camp offers unique experiences with a combination of age­appropriate, hands­on STEM activities and visits to cutting­edge research facilities at Canada’s #1 research university: The University of Toronto.


We are also proud to have IBM Canada as a collaborator, and will have IBM employees deliver a half-day robotics workshop
during the camp. Kids will get a chance to learn coding for the same people who pioneered computers – IBM.


The camp is organized and administered by scientists with backgrounds in a variety of STEM subjects, and is designed for children currently in grades 1­6.


REGISTRATIONStrangemorePHOTO-2047StrangemorePHOTO-2199 StrangemorePHOTO-2244

Dates: March 14 ­- 18, 2016

Location: The Abelard School,

203 College Street

Time: 9 am -­ 4 pm

(Extended hours available at an additional fee) Registration: $300

$270 before Feb 1 (financial assistance is available for those who qualify)

For more information and for registration, please visit: Questions? email