Industrial Post Doc opportunity at Grillo-Werke AG

There is an industrial post doc position currently available at Grillo (R&D department) in Duisburg, Germany. This position will involve work on a new industrial process and Grillo is looking for a Canadian or international chemist to fill the position.

Length of contract:
1 year

Job description/preferred skillset:

– Synthesis under high pressure (100bar) in batch and continuous reactor systems.
– Working with pure liquid sulfur trioxide (SO3) in order to sulfonate alkanes.
– Investigation of reaction mechanisms (spectroscopy and experiments with non-radioactive isotopes).
– Experience with NMR, EPR, IR, RAMAN, UV/VIS, MS.

As working with pure SO3 under pressure can be challenging, Grillo is seeking a candidate who is skilled and experienced in working with hazardous materials.*** 

If you know of a graduating PhD student or post doc who is well-qualified for this position and would like to work in Germany for a year, please put them in touch with Amy Reckling ( and she will connect you to Grillo.