Lab Tour & Talks at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Who would have thought that just in a few hours you can learn so much? On October 21st CIC Toronto in collaboration with Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) did it! They invited students for an intense and interesting program, where students not only could learn about the chemistry research being done at OICR, but also attend a career advice panel discussion and tour Biology and Drug Discovery labs! Indeed, it was the event not to be missed by any student! Why? First of all, students had a unique opportunity to see the government facilities from the inside, where chemists of various specialties work together to efficiently translate cancer-related academic discoveries into novel oncology therapies. Second of all, they learnt about the recent research projects done at the Institute. Third of all, they had a lifetime chance to speak to the scientists about their career paths as well as the responsibilities they have and skills they need to succeed in their current positions. After the visit students attended the social at Prenup Pub with some food and refreshments, where in a less formal environment they could discuss their experience at OICR, talk about their research and build their network. No wonder so many students from various universities and colleges attended this visit. If you couldn’t make it to the event this year, don’t worry – we are working on repeating it next year. Keep an eye on this and other events organized by CIC Toronto!

We would like to thank the OICR for hosting this event.