Student Awards Night Winners 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Student Awards Night winners!

CSCT Silver Medal Winners

Navkiran Kaur
Sheridan College,
Chemical Laboratory Technician
I completed my Bachelors in Non Medical from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab, India. Since then I have had a great interest in Chemistry and mathematics, and chose this program as there is more practical work along with theory. My father is my strength and his views make me an optimistic person and give me strength to work hard. My dream is to work in the Chemical research department and I will work hard to accomplish my dreams.

Puneet Kaur Johal 
Sheridan College, Chemical Engineering Technology
Ever since I was a kid, I had a great love for science. Engineering to me is super cool: I really admire the complex mathematics and processes, so Chemical Engineering was something that I thought was going to be a great fit for me. There were many people whose contributions were crucial. First, my parents, who have always been so supportive and proud of me. Secondly, all of this would still be a dream if it weren’t for the guidance and support from my professors at Sheridan. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my uncle and aunt who supported my transition in this country as an international student. My dream is to pursue research. I want to become a professor and I want to take on some research projects.

Bryn Smith
Sheridan College, Chemical Engineering Technology
I chose to study at Sheridan College, in the Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental program because I knew I would be exposed to a lot of hands-on opportunities. I was also extremely interested in gaining a co-op work term to which I was pleased to hear Sheridan offered paid ones. After graduation, my plan is to try and find a position, in any capacity, in my field of interest. I would love to get into the waste management industry, with a slight preference on waste water. However, I would gladly accept a position in any industry related to my program.

Phan Y Nhi Nguyen
Seneca College, Biotechnology Advanced
I am extremely honored to receive the award from the Chemical Institute of Canada. The never-ending interest and curiosity in Math, Biology and Chemistry is probably the main reason why I chose to study in the biotechnology program. I’ve been working for Seneca Applied Research Department and a biomedical device company for quite some time, and I have the opportunity to work with many brilliant people and they inspire me every day. Therefore, I would love to follow the research and development career in the future to make my humble contribution to the science world and become an inspiration myself. 

Duc Quang Nguyen
Seneca College, Chemical Engineering Technology
Ever since I was young, curiosity has always been the biggest drive for me to study in the science programs, and the ideas that I would be able to apply these pieces of knowledge to solve real-world problems motivate me to keep going on this path. That was why I decided to enrol in the Chemical Engineering Technology program at Seneca, and it is my honour to be the recipient of the CSCT Silver medal award this year. After graduation, I am planning to pursue a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. At this point and time, my dream job would be one that I can utilize and apply my innovative thinking or problem-solving skills to develop a more sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly process.

Mahirwe Sylvie Ingabire
Durham College, Chemical Engineering Technology
I chose Chemical engineering and technology because I have always been interested in the process of making products, testing products especially cosmetic products. Having a family that believes in me and always encourages me definitely helped me in motivating myself and studying as hard as I can. Also, having professors that are always available to help if I don’t understand the material helping me understand better helped me to better understand things in class and was able to achieve the highest GPA entering my last year. I am graduating with an advanced college diploma and I plan to work in my field and eventually go back to school for my undergraduate and masters degree. My dream job is to work as a chemist or chemical laboratory technician.

Jasneet Kaur
Durham College, Chemical Laboratory Technician
I chose to study in the Chemical Laboratory Technician program as from my childhood I was fascinated by science and the mechanism of chemical processes. As I grew up, I discovered my interest and love for chemistry getting even deeper. I feel very happy and satisfied while working in the laboratory and using testing methodologies to ensure quality with products, chemical manufacturers, energy producers and food ingredient companies. After graduation I have planned to continue my study in research and development. In the future, I want to become a biotechnologist and I am ready to work as hard as I could to achieve this position. I am very positive that one day I will fulfil my dream.

Jamie Stark
Durham College, Chemical Laboratory Technology
I chose to study Chemical Laboratory Technology – Food and Pharmaceuticals because I was looking for a challenge and a career change from childcare and school age programming. I wanted to pursue my lifelong interest in science and math, and I liked that this program was so broad and versatile with the possibility of working in so many different careers after graduation. In the future, I would love to find a career working in a Microbiology lab, doing diagnostic tests on organisms especially. However, I am also considering analytical chromatographic work because I would like to make a positive impact by detecting and quantifying pharmaceutical impurities, pesticide residues, and other compounds in samples to identify potential environmental, safety and quality issues.

Swarleen Virk
Durham College, Biotechnology – Advanced
I chose my current program because it incorporates different disciplines into an applied science which is used to ultimately benefit the society in all kinds of ways ranging from creation of genetically modified food to vaccine development. The fact that we see the applications of this field in our everyday life and are unaware of them intrigued me in choosing this program and contribute to further development of the applications of this field. The predominant role in achieving my success was played by my parents since without their constant guidance and support I would not have been able to win this coveted award. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to my professors at Durham College for their persistent hard work and dedication for ensuring that I always understood the material being taught. Upon graduating, I intend on working for a Biotechnology firm possibly as a researcher to gain significant knowledge and understanding about the works that go in the field.

Than Bingh Nguyen
Seneca College, Chemical Laboratory Technology

CSC Silver Medal Award Winners

Kaitlyn Silverthorne
Ryerson University, Chemistry
I’ve had a passion for chemistry since I was in high school, so I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue long-term. I chose Ryerson specifically as Toronto is known to be one of the leading innovation hubs of technology and science in Canada, and I was keen to attend an institution where I would get to experience living in a big city. I attribute my success in achieving the award to hard work and an incredible support system. Additionally, I would say that having the opportunity to get into a research lab at the end of my second year contributed largely to my success in the following years.  After I graduate, I will be pursuing graduate studies at McMaster University. My dream job would be working as an R&D chemist in a cosmetics lab. I have always had a keen interest in the formation of cosmetics and skin care.

Bibisomaia Rezaee
York University, Chemistry
I fell in love with chemistry since high school because of a great teacher who used to perform a lot of cool and colorful experiments. Before entering university, my initial plan with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry was to take the PCAT exam and apply for pharmacy school. However, after my first year in chemistry, I had noticed that there is nothing more fascinating than studying about atoms and molecules. I think what plays a major role in being successful is to love what you do, and this was the case for me. Moreover, reading different books and scientific journals helped me to understand chemistry from a different perspective. In the future, I would like to continue to graduate studies and stay in academia.

Imran Saim
University of Toronto (Scarborough), Chemistry
I chose to study biochemistry because I always enjoyed the applied aspect of chemistry, and biochemistry allowed me to apply my interest in biology through a chemical aspect. In the future, I would love to have a career in Medical toxicology! Getting to apply my chemical knowledge about the hazards of certain chemicals and their interactions within the human body is something that I definitely want to do. Learning about how the chemical makeup of our body can be affected by such small compounds is definitely something I want to explore more of. This also includes many aspects that I want in my future career: getting the ability to help others, learning about what I enjoy, and a feeling that I am making a difference.

Casey Yu
York University, Biochemistry
I chose to study biochemistry because I was quite interested in several fields in high school, such as nutritional sciences and endocrinology, and I wanted to be able to understand the chemical mechanisms behind them. A combination of my family, my friends, and my professors being supportive of me in my studies helped me to achieve success in getting this award. My plans after graduation are to go to graduate school to pursue graduate studies, most likely in bioinformatics.

Timur Adrianov
University of Toronto, Chemistry
One of the things that I value about chemistry is that it is fundamentally interesting and also applicable to real-world problems. Being a naturally curious person, I enjoy understanding why physical phenomena happen the way they happen, and chemistry gives me countless opportunities to think about that. In addition, appreciating that developments in chemistry are useful in so many other scientific areas, such as medicine and materials science, makes me feel passionate about chemistry even more. Therefore, it was quite a natural decision that I should choose to study in the Chemistry Specialist program as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. After graduation, I am very excited to continue my studies in chemistry as a Ph.D. student at Harvard, hoping to join the research group of Prof. Eric Jacobsen, where I would like to conduct research in the area of organic chemistry and catalysis.

CSChE Silver Medal Award Winners

Krisco Cheung
University of Toronto, Chemical Engineering
I chose to study chemical engineering primarily because of the versatility of the degree. Coming out of high school, I was unsure of what I really wanted to study and what my real passions were, so the broadness of chemical engineering really appealed to me. Three years in, I’m really appreciative of the background and problem solving skills the chemical engineering education has provided me and am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned through thesis and plant design projects in fourth year. After graduation, I hope to pursue graduate studies in biomedical engineering! I don’t have an exact dream job at the moment, but I would love to work in the cellular agriculture industry in the future. The idea of more sustainable and environmentally-friendly animal products is something I’m passionate about and hope to be able to contribute to.

Diana Tran-Nguyen
Ryerson University, Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering has always been a field that I felt best gave substance to theory. I felt that chemical engineering would give me the broadest background, giving me the skill sets required to succeed and positively contribute to whatever I desired. Beyond the ability of this program to explain seldom thought of everyday events (why does the shower curtain blow in when hot water comes on?), chemical engineering gives you the foundation to discover and invent what can change the world. The opportunities seemed endless! After graduation it is a toss up between graduate school or entering the workforce. I have not decided just yet but will keep all doors open in anticipation of the unanticipated!

CIC Book Prize Winners

Jang Shin Lee
Sheridan College, Chemical Laboratory Technician
I chose to study chemistry because I wanted a career in pharmacology for drug research and development. I believe that working harder is what helped achieve the award. After I graduate from Sheridan College I plan to further my studies for pharmacology in university. My dream job would be a pharmacologist in the area of drug research so that I can help find preventions and cures for diseases.

Theodora Maldaner Winck
Durham College, Chemical Laboratory Technology
I chose to study Chemical Laboratory Technology – Pharmaceutical and Food Science because I already have a diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technician, which I got from Brazil, my home Country. I believe my passion for Chemistry has contributed to my academic success, since I am constantly pushing myself to give my best and learn more. After Graduation, I plan to apply to jobs that would allow me to continue working and learning more about science and chemistry; my dream job would definitely be working for a Pharmaceutical Company as a Laboratory Assistant, and one day perhaps become a Laboratory Instructor.

Yashar Ebrahimi-Iranpour
York University, Chemistry
My major is focused on Environmental and Atmospheric chemistry and the reason why I am so passionate about this subject, is because I truly believe that in the near future, we must develop more sustainable strategies in order to mitigate air pollution worldwide. Furthermore, I also find that as an atmospheric chemist, you have the possibility to work in a lab setting, to make field measurements, and/or develop models therefore, it includes a variety of tools which makes it very refreshing. After graduation, I plan on continuing my work alongside Dr. Cora Young and I will be applying for a MSc program at the department of Chemistry, at York university. My dream job is to be able to work under NASA during the Mars expeditions in the coming decades and to help derive strategies that could ultimately aid in terraforming the red planet.

Bule Lumani
Durham College, Biotechnology – Advanced
I knew I really enjoyed microbiology, biology and chemistry, and I wanted to challenge myself to see how those fields come together along with the manipulation of genetics to make up the growing field of biotechnology. I had reached a low point in my life where I felt like giving up, but my family and friends continued to encourage me to wonder why I chose this field in the first place. Having their endless support has allowed me to believe I am capable and deserving of success which pushed me to realize my full potential. After I graduate, I plan on taking time to travel and explore my options for continuing my education before pursuing a full-time career.

Dylan Fallis
Durham College, Chemical Engineering Technology
I chose to pursue Chemical Engineering after my time working at Sanofi Pasteur in 2014. At the time, I hadn’t yet discovered my interest in the sciences until I took this job and had the privilege of entering various laboratory areas of the facility which required me to learn about PPE, even taking a course on it to be qualified to enter. Soon after finishing this contracted job, I pursued adult school to obtain pre-requisites and then entered the one-year program for General Arts and Science – Science and Engineering at Durham. I took this program before entering the three-year program to get my feet wet and see if it was the right fit for me. Not only did I enjoy what I learned, but I managed to have a lot of success and that’s what got me to this program I’m in today. My dream job is one where I feel like my strengths are being highlighted and I’m enjoying the work that I perform.

Kat Donaldson
Seneca College, Chemical Laboratory Technology
After completing my H.BSc in Biochemistry, I wanted to get additional hands-on lab experience in a narrower field of study — this ultimately led me to the CLP program at Seneca College. Studying pharmaceuticals has helped me find a career path that sufficiently combines my interest in the biochemical sciences with my desire to help other people. While I believe my previous education is an asset, I feel strongly that the supportive environment fostered by professors and student services at Seneca is the main contributing factor to my success. Following graduation, I hope to gain employment with a pharmaceutical company to obtain relevant industry experience.

Valeria Morozova
Ryerson University, Chemistry
The academic community at Ryerson, both in the department of Chemistry & Biology and on the whole, is diverse and welcoming – a reflection of the best aspects of life in Toronto. Being part of a smaller program, while presenting its own set of challenges, allowed me to have close and supportive relationships with instructors, supervisors, and peers. As the first generation in my family to attend a Canadian university, having access to that level of support was a major consideration in choosing my program of study.After graduation I will proceed onto graduate studies, and in the future I hope to continue doing research, whether in academia or in industry.

Redentor Morales
Sheridan College, Chemical Engineering Technology
I am a Licensed Medical Laboratory Technologist in the Philippines and studied here in Canada as an international student. I choose to study Chemical engineering technology- environmental at Sheridan College Institute of Technology based on the fact that Chemical engineers for me, help improve the quality of people’s lives. Most items used by people daily need chemical engineers to produce them like Fuel. Chemical engineers are one of the noble professions that help end starvation, disease, and poverty. They are working to save the environment by developing technologies to help combat the deterioration of our natural resources and its pollutant. Wastewater management has always been my favorite subject, and in the future I would like to become a regional director in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in my hometown Philippines.

Lina Lo
York University, Biochemistry
I chose to study Biochemistry because I really enjoyed both biology and chemistry in high school. Biology encompasses so many different complex systems we have in our body, while chemistry teaches us more about substances on a molecular level. I decided I wanted to learn about both subjects more in depth, hence choosing Biochemistry as my major. I think the key to success is self-discipline. It is really important to have your own study schedule and plan ahead on what assignments you need to complete, or which chapters you need to study. Also, I think it’s important to enjoy what you are studying! If you enjoy what you are learning, studying becomes less of a “chore” and it becomes more fun. After graduation, I plan to pursue pharmacy school. Though I can’t say with confidence that being pharmacist is my dream job yet, I know for sure that I would like to work in the healthcare field. I like to interact with patients as well as care for them and do the best I can to help anyone who is ill.

Raymond Santos
Seneca College, Chemical Engineering Technology
With regards to performing experiments, it’s something I’ve enjoyed, along with interpreting results so I can associate it with theory. By doing so, it can help me better understand that topic. After graduation I plan on going to university where I can earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. I want to work in the lab eventually, but I’m still unsure of what branch of the chemistry field I want to involve myself with. And as I plan to go further in my education, I still have a lot more to undertake, but I’ll decide eventually.

Edzel Lusterio
Ryerson University, Chemical Engineering 
In high school, I fell in love with Chemistry and Mathematics. Some people said I might like Chemical Engineering. I tried to learn more about it, and I found out that it has applications in every major industry, so I felt like I can be anywhere I want to be in the future. I believe having a strong support system is the key to success in everything, not just in academics. I owe my success to people who believe in what I can do, trust my decisions, and help me reach all my goals. In this period of isolation, building stronger social networks is more important than ever. I plan to explore several industries after graduation, hoping to learn more about process engineering and becoming a well-rounded engineer. My dread job is to become a consulting engineer and hopefully start my own consulting firm.

Jinmyung Jang
University of Toronto, Chemical Engineering

Noah Tran
Seneca College, Chemical Engineering Technology

Adam Abdirahman
Sheridan College, Chemical Engineering Technology

Abigail Clapperton
University of Toronto (Scarborough), Chemistry

Pranav Manoj Dave
Durham College, Chemical Laboratory Technician


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