2019 Federal Election Responses

Scientific advancements have brought forward a series of revolutions that has transformed our perception of world. New scientific discoveries often challenge the justification of power distribution, placing science at the centre of politics. Also, the importance of policies and initiatives can never be ignored as they shape the future of science and determine the speed of its progress. This interdependent relation of science and politics is inherent.

CICTor has set out to provide its members with the updated information regarding both sectors; of science and politics, to enable them to make informed decisions. This information campaign is part of that effort where we wish to provide a comprehensive comparative point-of-view of representatives of all federal parties of various ridings on some very important scientific and community-based issues.

The focus of this campaign was to act as a liaison between voters and their potential federal representatives. For this campaign, we have consolidated questions related to the issues of great importance in terms of upcoming elections. We faced time constraints which led to the inability to get response from all the MP’s but its an effort well-directed.

We set out this year to ask Member of Parliament candidates in Ward 1 and Ward 11 questions on issues that resonate with our members and the greater community. This year, we asked questions on topics from climate change to underemployment of skilled immigrants.

We got a chance to speak to Liz White, Ward 11 candidate of the Animal Protection Party of Canada. To view her responses to our questions, please see: 2019 Federal Election Responses

Please note that the CIC Toronto section does not endorse any candidate, and that the inclusion or absence of responses from candidates does not reflect any bias of the Chemical Institute of Canada. We encourage everyone of the eligible voting age to go out on October 21st to exercise their right to vote for their preferred party!