Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s AGM!

The CIC Toronto Section executive committee would like to thank all members and special guests who attended this year’s Annual General Meeting. We enjoyed a captivating presentation by Dr. Effiette Sauer, Chemistry Lecturer at University of Toronto, titled  “Teaching chemistry for the future: what do we want our students to remember five years down the road?” Dr. Sauer showcased ways to engage […]

Canada Post Stamp Unveiling for IYC 2011 – October 1st, 2011

Title: Canada Post Stamp Unveiling for IYC 2011 – October 1st, 2011 Location: Outside Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, U of T campus Original News Article: Click here Description: “On Oct. 1, as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche festival, Canada Post will unveil a limited-edition stamp that will honour the work of world-renowned University of Toronto chemist and […]

Chemistry Nuit Blanche – October 1st, 2011

Title: Chemistry Nuit Blanche Location: Corner of St. George Street and Willcocks Street, University of Toronto Campus Website: Click here Description: How does chemistry affect my daily life? How does a breathalyzer test work? How does chemistry help catch criminals? As a celebration of the international year of chemistry, the University of Toronto is hosting a Chemistry Nuit Blanche. Targeting […]