CIC Toronto 2021-2022 Platinum Sponsor: IntelliSyn Pharma, an X-Chem Company

IntelliSyn Pharma is a fast-growing, innovative company with state-of-the-art facility in Montreal to support all aspects of integrated drug discovery across various therapeutic areas, from lead optimization through clinical candidate nomination by providing expertise in medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, and process route development. The leadership team with over 20 years of experience in major pharma along with their research scientists were responsible for over 100 patents, 17 compounds advanced to IND-enabling toxicology studies, and 7 compounds reaching Phase I or beyond.

IntelliSyn was recently acquired by X-Chem, the industry pioneer and leading provider of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL)-
based research services offering pharma and biotech partners unrivaled performance and success by producing highest-quality, actionable results in small molecule drug discovery. Their proprietary DEL library platform allows to screen hundreds of billions of compounds, with optimal balance of physicochemical properties and chemical diversity, against drug discovery target with astonishing speed and efficiency, compared with industry-standard high-throughput screening (HTS). X-Chem and IntelliSyn’s complementary capabilities enable the combined companies to streamline the R&D process and provide integrated support to collaborators from screen-to-lead.

What are the benefits of joining IntelliSyn?

IntelliSyn is a people-focused company, supporting the development and career progression of employees to reach their full potential through workshops, training courses and mentorship. IntelliSyn Pharma offers competitive compensation (salary and performance incentive) and benefits package, including: medical, dental, STD/LTD and life insurance, retirement plan with employer match; paid vacations starting at 3 weeks plus paid Christmas shutdown; casual dress, vision care including prescription safety glasses, training sessions and workshops, social hours and team-building company events.

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IntelliSyn is CIC Toronto’s 2021-2022 Career Fair Sponsor. Join us online on Friday July 30th, 2021 to meet and connect with IntelliSyn representatives. They are actively recruiting for Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry Research Scientists (BSc, MSc, PhD) and Junior Analytical Scientists at the career fair! Register here for more information about the event!